Obama Southland Visits And Ben Affleck Prediction Recalled

27, 2006, Obama came to USC Proposition 87 again and speak to a California Democratic Party get-out-the-vote rally. The October. Affleck introduced Obama before ultimately approved the unsuccessful initiative that would have raised taxes on oil companies to fund research into alternative energy. Affleck has also said that Obama - who was elected to the Senate from Illinois in 2004 - In a short time, has already proven to be the most galvanizing leader to come out of a party in my opinion, in at least a decade and a half, if not more. Affleck said He Is Very Very Likely -- Though Good Luck In Getting Him Or Anyone Else To Say So -- At One Point Eventually Down The Road At Some Point In My Opinion And Many Others The Future Of This Country. . Actor and screenwriter Oscar Ben Affleck from May and was the first person to prophesy publicly in Southern California that Barack Obamawould become president, although not necessarily as soon as today.

22.1.09 08:39

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